How to earn money from Tik-Tok | Earn more than 1000$ a month

How to earn money from Tik-Tok

How to earn money from Tik-Tok

Welcome to Allbloggingtip Welcome back to our series on how to make money online more specifically how you can make money with Google for free today were gonna follow up on another hot topic. Now going back to the topic at hand the feedback that I receive the most from my previous article are people who want to learn more about how they can actually make money without creating their own content for those of you who are not aware

There are plenty of  blogs out there that are making a lot of money and they actually don't even create their own content in fact all they do is they repost other peoples content obviously if you're gonna be using other peoples content there's going to be a right way of doing this and a wrong way of doing this in terms of the actual details themselves its gonna go beyond the scope of what we have today as well as the time allotted for this particular article.

Today we're gonna talk more about how so many people have to earn from posting other people's content and making so much money on content that they didn't even create on their own. I want to show you how you can actually do the same thing but first you might be wondering where exactly is all this content coming from the answer is that content is literally everywhere on the Internet there are so many platforms out there and so many social media networks with user-generated content that were literally sitting on a goldmine. I said because we're dealing with other people's content. There's definitely a right way and a wrong way of doing this but when you do it the right way I want to show you just how profitable it can really be now because I don't want to overwhelm you with too many of these different platforms where you can take your content from

What is Tik-Tok?

Let's start with one of the most popular in the world right now which is of course Tik-Tok.  I'm sure you're probably just as excited as I am to dive right into this so without further ado. Lets go, welcome back now unless you've been living under a rock recently you would know that one of the biggest trends as of late is an app called tick stock. Basically, Tik-Tok allows anyone to record short video clips of themselves. They mostly include music dancing and whatever other challenges that happened to be trending it started off as a very popular app in China called dough Yi and changed your name to musically once it expanded to the global market and now has been rebranded to Tik-Tok. Ever since then it just simply took off like a rocket all across the world in all kinds of languages so now that you're all caught up in the history of Tik-Tok how can you make money with it well as you know one of our favorite ways of making money is with Google which includes YouTube.

We had previously discussed you can build a very comfortable home business for yourself by simply creating videos. You don't have to record it yourself and simply create them into a compilation one of the best tips. I can give you when it comes to creating compilation videos or any videos for that matter is to do them on what's popular what's trending and have the potential to go viral and right

Ways to Earn money From Tik-Tok:-

Now Tik-Tok is simply blowing up big so now is the best time for you to leverage on that let me show you some examples when we go back to YouTube and do a search on Tik-Tok. We can see some of the video results that come up to give you a better idea of how popular they are you can see these kinds of videos are incredibly getting millions and millions of views. The first one that comes up has 3.6 million views and it was only uploaded one month ago the second one has 9.2 million views within the last five months. As we scroll down you will see even more now to give you a better idea on what to do with some of these videos lets go ahead and click on one of them to give you a better idea on what this video is all about now as you can see the moment that we clicked onto the video the ad already starts playing which proves that this, in fact, is being monetized were gonna go ahead and check up the video to see why its so popular I'll speed it up a little bit as well because we don't actually need to watch the whole thing just to get a better idea on what's happening in these videos.

Now just as we thought its simply a compilation of other people's videos which means that all this person is doing is finding these Tik-Tok videos downloading them and compiling them into their own compilation which they then upload back onto YouTube. Its definitely not hard to do I mean its a little bit of work maybe it'll take you 20-30-60 minutes of your time a day. When your first starting out but short beats slaving your life away at a nine-to-five job that you absolutely hate right. I can almost guarantee that by doing it this way you will make a lot more money than a nine-to-five job a lot more money.

Let's see how much this guy is estimated to be making as we talked about last time you can actually find out blogs estimated earnings just on ad revenue alone by using a cites or extension called social blade. Now my extensions are currently turned off as I had a bunch of them installed previously and they were really slowing down my browser so we're gonna go ahead and use the social blade website for this one now this blog. Let's go ahead and copy this blogs username from the URL we will then go to social blade paste it into this section right here click on the search button and as you can see down here this blog is making up to $100,000 a month by simply posting Tik-Tok videos even on the low end assuming. They're really struggling to get the ad revenue they're still making a minimum of at least six point five thousand dollars USD every single month which is more than what most jobs out there are paying anyway.

Second Channel

The second channel that comes up is a video called Tik-Tok videos. This one is also a compilation of Tik-Tok videos and so we're going to go through the exact same process to figure out their estimated earnings copy this goes back to social blade paste this in and find out this one is making up to sixty-five thousand dollars USD every single month. Let's go ahead and take a look at another blog this one down here looks to be quite popular let's go ahead and click on the blog name go into the blog directly find the username copy that and go back directly to the social blade.

We paste this in and this particular blog is making up to eighty-seven thousand dollars every single month. Let's go ahead and do one more here is another blog that has a very popular video and when we go through the same process and do that one more time copy the username goes back to social blade paste that in we will see that this particular blog is making $80,000 a month as well. Now I think just by taking a look at some of these blogs you already get the idea all these sites are doing is taking Tik-Tok videos and compiling them into their own that and if how much money these videos are actually making for these  blogs is any indication on how well you can actually be doing if you're doing the same thing.


I think we will all be very happy already even if we only make a fraction of what some of these blogs are making a right. Now but of course nothing is stopping you from making just as much or even more than some of these blogs Tik-Tok is only the tip of the iceberg there's so much more than you can do and combine everything with all the various strategies that we talked about here and well continue to talk about more right here in this blog.

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