Create Free Backlinks 2020 | Step By Step process to build high-quality backlinks for your website [Part 1]

Create Free Backlinks

Create Free Backlinks 2020 | Step By Step process to build high-quality backlinks for your website

Welcome to Allbloggingtip If you are struggling to build backlinks or drive free traffic to your website, then make sure you read this article until the end. Because I will be sharing my 100% working strategies that I have learned in doing SEO. The higher the amount of high-quality relevant backlinks that you have for your website, the easier it will be for you to beat your competition and rank number 1 for your target keywords. Driving massive free traffic to your website will be a piece of cake if you learn the art of building backlinks. I have created a special PDF that I have shared all my working strategies on how I build backlinks. It also contains the exact email scripts that I use to gain high-quality do-follow backlinks. So if you want this PDF, all you have to do is share this article, I  will share the link of this PDF publicly in this article.

Step By Step process to build high-quality backlinks

So now let’s start where I have written you step-by-step on how you can create high-quality backlinks for your website and drive massive traffic. So in this article, I’ll be talking more about backlinks, how to find backlink opportunities, how to create the backlinks, the best method, and the best strategies. Before I tell you about creating backlinks, I have to mention one thing. What specifically in India, I have had so many interns and all the people are talking about “comment backlinks” “forum backlinks” and “directory submissions”. Honestly, guys, these are the worse backlinks that you can make. These used to work in 2011 and 2012. But especially in 2019, none of these works. And rather than help your website, these will rather give you a Google penalty. And your website will get zero traffic. So guys, please, please, please stay away from comment backlinks, or forum backlinks and directory submissions. And all these digital marketing institutes are still teaching these methods. So guys since you’re my students, I highly recommend you guys to please stay away from such kinds of backlinks. They’re not worth it.

How to create Backlinks- Create Free Backlinks 2019

Since this article is part of our affiliate marketing mastery course, so let’s see how to find the backlink opportunity for the same. So let’s say you are targeting an article like “best DSLR in India”. To find the link opportunities, what you have to do is the first search for your target keyword, let’s say you are searching for “best DSLR in India”. Open the article that Is ranking number one, copy the URL, open ahrefs, go-to site explorer, add the URL here and click on search. Now this will give you all the referring domains that are pointing to this particular article. Now I am using ahrefs, I know it’s a paid tool and not every one of you can afford it.

I will be showing you the free alternative as well which is Ubersuggest. So let me first tell you about ahrefs. Now, this is the best technique to find backlink opportunities. Now since these websites are already linking to your target article, it’s much easier to email them, or contact this website and ask for a link to your website as well. And also you have to make sure that all the links that you are building are “do-follow”. You can then export this list as well. Here the anchor text is the best DSLR. So it’s a keyword-reach anchor text and also the domain authority of the website that is referring to this particular article is very high 64 domain rank. So definitely the website, the quality of the article.

Keyword Research

Whenever you are looking at backlink opportunity, you have to look at 3 factors. First is the domain rank or the domain authority (DR). Here the domain rank of this particular website, which is referring to the backlink, you can see it’s 64. It’s very high, which means that the quality of the backlink will be really high. Secondly, you have to look at the relevancy. Here you can see that the article is referring, which is giving the backlinks as “best digital camera in India”. So definitely the relevancy is also very high because the backlinks are targeting towards the DSLR –related article, right So both these metrics are really amazing. The domain rank and the relevancy. The third thing that you have to look at is the anchor text. Here, the anchor text is “Best DSLR” so the keyword that is used to make the backlink is the anchor text.

Similarly, you can check all the other referring domains as well. Then what you can do is just open the website here, find the email address. To find the email address, there are multiple domain extensions. You can also use a Google extension called “email hunter”. So all you have to do is find the email address of this website, and send them an email that you are also looking for a backlink that you have also written a high-quality article and it will really be nice if they can link back to your article or any other they that they’ll be able to link to your article. And now since this website is a very high authority website, it’s highly unlikely that they will reply to your email.

Tools for Backlinks- Create Free Backlinks 2020

So, guys, one thing I have to tell you is that creating backlinks is not that easy. Because people think that creating backlinks is a piece of cake, but then again it’s difficult especially in 2019  when a backlink is becoming more like a price commodity. So don’t think that you’ll be able to create hundreds of backlinks in a few days. It takes a lot of time and patience. I use particular software for sending all the emails. I use a software called “ninja outreach”. Earlier I used to use “BuzzStream” as well. Both of these are paid tools. These are used to send email scripts to thousands of people at a time. And if you’re looking for a free alternative, you can use “GMass”. It’s free alternative software.

With these tools, you can create various campaigns, various templates. You can create so like for this campaign I added 250 blogs in here and I sent them almost 165 emails were sent. So what it does it- all of you have to do is add all the websites, like here I can see, I can open this particular campaign. So to all these websites here, my email was sent. And I was asking them for a link one way or another and few of them replied to me and then my team handles them. They give the follow-up, sometimes people ask for money, sometimes people ask for guest-sometimes they just give the link just because the article has a really high quality.

So this is the software I use, it’s called “ninja outreach”.I will be creating a very comprehensive article on how to do this. Ninja outreach is a paid tool, you have to invest some money for that. The second alternative is Buzzstream, it is also a very nice tool. I used to use it early. This is just an alternative for “ninja outreach”. If you are looking for a free alternative you can use GMass. So, guys, the best technique is to look at your competitor’s backlinks and pitch them to get your backlinks.

So now the next question in your mind will what exactly to email to these guys. So I will be creating a repository… so for that, I have created a PDF file where I have added all the email scripts that I am using to send to my prospects. So to get that PDF file all you have to do is share the article, and I will share the PDF with you in this article.

Alternative of aherf

So if you’re not using ahrefs, if you’re not investing in ahrefs and you still want to build the backlinks so there is good news for you. So there is this tool called Ubersuggest. Just until last night, they were not offering the backlink opportunity. While I’m writing this article, just today they have launched the backlinks feature aswell. I can see that for every article, like I’m in the top pages section, that in every article, how many backlinks that this article has. So it has 225 backlinks. All I have to find the backlink opportunity is click here on “view all”.So these are all the websites that are referring to this particular article. Similarly, you can do this for any articles on this particular domain. You can also export these backlink opportunities to excel sheet and download it for later reference. And it also gives the domain score like the authority power of the backlink and the link type, whether it’s a textual backlink or an image backlink etc. And also the anchor text, like what exactly is the keyword which is used to build the backlinks. So guys, whenever I am building backlinks for my affiliate website.

My process is to first make a list of my competing domains. People who are already ranking in Google search engine. Then my next step is to take each domain, add it to the site explorer in ahrefs and download all the referring domains that are referring to this particular website. Then I sort them from no-follow to do-follow. Like, I only click the do-follow backlinks and then I add all those domain names in NinjaOutreach here. And then I start sending them my emails script of asking for a backlink. Honestly, guys, I cannot give you one best recipe for building backlinks that will work.

Stay Away from Frauds

Also guys, a very important tip. Stay away from websites like Fiverr… when you’ll be searching for  “backlinks” here, they’ll be so many options like “I will boost your Google ranking with SEO backlinks” and so many other shitty services. Guys, trust me, these will not help your website. Instead of helping your website, they will give you a Google penalty. So stay away from these services which are very cheap. Trust me, that is my experience talking, stay away from such services. Similarly, there’s another website called “SEOClerks”.They also offer backlinks. Guys, these cheap backlinks are not worth it. The best kind of backlink is one that is highly relevant to your article. Which is coming from a high domain website, and also has a good anchor text.

PBN (Private Blog Networks)

Also, there is something called PBN which is something called “private blog network”. Once you start building the backlinks, sooner or later you’ll hear about PBN. You can also buy PBN links to get your website ranked. But this comes under the gray hat area or rather purely black hat. So what this does is you might be able to rank your website for maybe a month, a couple of months, so maybe even for a year. But then again, it depends on luck. If a new Google update comes up and your PBN is blacklisted, then your website ranking will go to 0. And also there are chances that your website ranking will never improve with PBN links. So I will highly recommend to stay away from PBNs, or Fiverr links or SEOClerks links.

They will not help your website, they will rather give you a Google penalty. So my best strategy is to first,  go to ahrefs, add your competitor’s URL here in the site explorer. My strategy is to make a list of your competitors and add their domain names one by one in ahrefs or Ubersuggest, whichever one you are using. Download all their referring domains, and start emailing them one-by-one. If you’re using a free or alternative, you can use GMass. If you’re using automated software like me, you can use NinjaOutreach or BuzzStream. And for all the email scripts that I am using to build backlinks.

Put Efforts

Now for the next technique to build backlinks, you need to put in some efforts in the beginning. But it will drive you free traffic, as well as few initial backlinks, whenever you're rebuilding your first website. So the technique is about creating a very comprehensive article on the top experts in your niche. Your website could be on any niche. It could be a guitar niche, it could be a fashion niche, or it could be dog niche or anything. So the idea is to create a very comprehensive article of all the blogs that exist in the dog niche, or whatever niche your website is in and feature them in your article. So for that, what you’ll have to do first create an excel sheet. So here, the last name, first name, contact, the email address, the URL of the website you’ll be featuring and the type of website it is it could be a blog, it could be commerce, etc. We’ll be focusing primarily on the blog and the domain authority. Because this is a very important metric. We need backlinks from high authority websites so that the backlink power is high.

Please read our Part 2 on Create Free Backlinks 2019 | Step By Step process to build high-quality backlinks for your website

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