Create Free Backlinks 2020 | Step By Step process to build high quality backlinks for your website [Part 2]

Create Free Backlinks 2020 | Step By Step process to build high-quality backlinks for your website [Part 2]

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If you haven't read our first article, I recommend you to read Part 1 then read this. So let's continue


So let’s say your website is in the guitar niche. So all you have to do is search “top guitar blogs” and open all the articles that rank. Then what you have to do is, go through each of the blogs that are listed on this article and add them to your excel sheet. So like here, the first is premiere guitar. So add the premiere guitar domain URL, type of the website it is, and also check the domain authority using all the extensions on the website. Then find an email address. So let’s say if we go to the website, so we’ll just- so let’s say we just go to the website and we’ll copy the URL. We’ll add this to our list here. Similarly, we’ll try to find the contact address. So to find the contact address, there’s a very amazing extension which is free.

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Tools for finding Email Address

All you have to do is search for “email hunter chrome” and click on this first result. And add this extension to your chrome. Add this extension and this will really help you in finding the email address of the majority of the websites. Apart from that, you can also search for “contact” and check the contact page. Most of the time, the email address will be present on the contact page as well. Or you can use other extensions as well. So this way all you have to do is, populate this excel sheet will all the blogs. So from 1… to 2… to 3… to 4. And that’s- similarly make a list of at least 100 to 200 blogs here. So not just this article, you should check all the articles which should feature the various guitar blogs.

So this way you’ll have a very comprehensive list of your targets that you can focus on. If you don’t want to do this work yourself, you can also outsource this on any freelancing website like “” or “Upwork”. Now the next step is to create the article. This again you can write it yourself or again outsource it on iWriter. Like the one, I mentioned in another article. So all you have to do is, for every URL here, just open the URL and make a short description, take a screenshot of the home page and similarly a short description about the website. You can do it yourself or you can outsource it. And this way you can add a very comprehensive article on your website, your affiliate website.
So this way you’ll have a very comprehensive article of top expert blogs on your niche. Your niche can be anything. So once your article is done and published, now comes the part of promoting it and also getting backlinks for it. So for that, all you have to do is, once your article is published. So there are few email scripts that you have to use. Like in the sheet we also added the contact address here, right? So this is where we’ll be using it for all the people who have been featured in your article.

Format of Email

You have to email this email script to all of them. Like the email subject “we love your awesome blog!” and here, “hi, the name of the person”. You’ll be substituting the name field for the name here. “Love what you’re doing on the site name”. Here you’ll be mentioning the site name. Just wanted to give you the heads up that you were featured in my new article, add the article title here. And the- your article link here…And I really hope it will deliver some new visitors to your site. So this way in a way, you are boosting the ego of the other person… that they have been featured on your blog. So everyone loves appreciation, so they are likely to share your article on various social media platforms and they would give you a reply.
There will also be people who will not be replying to your email.
So you can also send a follow-up and I highly recommend you guys to do a follow-up, because I’ve seen at least 20 – 30% people replying to me when I send the follow-up. So in the follow-up, you just have to send the “I was thinking about you” in the subject line. Hi (name),  just checking to see if you have received the last email that I sent you. And again, mention the link. So this way you’ll be able to reach most of the bloggers that have been featured. And either they will be replying to you or thanking you or some of them will even be sharing your article. Now comes the backlinking part. So using this technique you were able to build a relationship with these few expert bloggers in your niche.

For Expert Bloggers

Now, all you have to do is send this particular email script to them. Hi (name). Glad you liked it. I’m a big fan of your blog. By the way, I’m still new to this whole blogging world and I would love to contribute a guest post on your blog. Give them 3 ideas, some really good titles which they are more likely to approve on their website. And this way you can do a guest posting on their site. And in the guest post, you can include a backlink to your homepage, or to an article that you are targeting. So I know this particular process is a little longer one because you have to first complete this excel sheet then you have to get this article written. And then you have to promote it, send the emails. But then again I have seen the conversion rate is comparatively higher, compared to the other methods that we do for backlink building. So this will really help you in getting those initial backlinks when your website is new. And… so I highly recommend this technique.

One other thing that you can do is that you can also send a badge. Like you can create a free badge on You can add text here like top expert 2019, whatever year it is going. Top dog food expert if your niche is dog food. And you can also send this badge along with the email that you have been featured in the blog. So many people add this badge on their homepage or on their site. This again will help you get a few backlinks. If anyone embeds this badge on their website. So this was the technique of building backlinks to top experts kind of articles. So you can use this technique as well, whenever you are starting a new affiliate website.

Guest Posting

Now the next technique will be guest posting and I love guest posting because the conversion rate of getting backlinks is comparatively higher, because you are also providing high-quality content to the other person. So it’s a win-win situation for both of the people. So to find a guest-posting opportunity, all you have to do is enter the niche. You could be anything. It could be a guitar with double quotes and the guest post. So all these websites are accepting the guest post. All you have to do is make a copy of this particular tab here, and you’ll get a copy here. And again, instead of this, we’ll rename it to guest post opportunities. And again, we’ll make a comprehensive sheet of all the opportunities that we could find. So go from each article by article. Again you can do this yourself or you can outsource it through freelancers. All you have to do is go to the website.

Go to the contact or the guest post here. And you’ll see that they might even have an email address, like here is the email address“”. Copy it at the contact data, add the name like “Josh” the URL of the website, domain authority, etc. Make sure you do ask comprehensive research as possible. Try to find as many opportunities as you can find. I’ll recommend you guys to outsource this work by creating an article tutorial and outsourcing for freelancing websites. So once you have this done, all you have to do is send them emails for a guest posting page. And on the guest posting page, you’ll be asking them that you want to send a high-quality article on their website and that in return you just want a do-follow backlink. I’ve seen that I have been able to convert 2 – 3 persons of my emails into actual backlinks. So guest posts are something that I highly recommend to you guys.

I will recommend you guys to start with the top expert, they also do the technique that I did at the start of this article, of looking at the backlinks of your competitors, while side by side doing the guest posting. If you want my email template on how I build my guest post links on my website, then share this article And I’ll share all the email scripts that I’ve shared on this article and also many more emails that will really help you in building backlinks for your website.


Now the next technique is an infographic. In the guest posting, you are sending an article to your website. In guestographic, you are sending an infographic. So what to do is, create an amazing infographic on your website. Honestly, there’s this amazing article by on how to get backlinks using guestographics techniques. I highly recommend you guys to read this entire article. It’s an amazing resource and I use this technique myself. I know it will require you to create an amazing infographic but then again, creating backlinks is not that easy. You need to invest some time, or energy or money. If you want to scale an Amazon affiliate website. So I highly recommend you guys to read this article on on how to get backlinks. Using the guestographics technique. The technique is all about creating a high-quality infographic and then promoting it, just like you are reaching out for a guest post. And many of the websites will start giving you backlinks and then they’ll feature your guestographics on their website.

The best part about guestographic is for the guest post technique, you have to write a new article for every website. But with the guestographic one infographic once, and you can get as many backlinks as possible using a single infographic. So that’s the best part about the guestographic. You can even go one step ahead if you can create an animatic infographic. Now I know that creating something like this won’t be possible if you don’t have the design background, so you can outsource it and create an amazing infographic- animated infographics like this. So creating backlinks will be much easier if you go one step ahead and create something like this and do the outreach process and send those email scripts. And many of the people will be happy to lend to you. Like this is another amazing infographics.

To find ideas on how you can create an animated infographic for your niche. And then use the outreach process to build backlinks to your site. And one last thing that I highly recommend you guys to do is go to this website, read all their articles. Like go to the blog section and read all his articles. Similarly, go into “”.And read all these articles as well. They have some really, really amazing tricks on how to build high-quality backlinks. And this will really improve your SEO game.

Similarly, there is this 3rd website called “”. And I highly recommend you guys to again visit and read all the articles of this website. So these 3 websites, if you are reading all the articles, these are more than enough for you to find all the tactics that actually work in building backlinks. These are the pros of SEO- these guys know how to rank their articles to number one for very, very high competitive keywords. And guys, there are no magic ways to backlinks.I cannot give you a list of websites where you can directly go and sign up to get backlinks.

Process of backlink

The backlink is a very slow process. I have a team of almost 9 people working for me just for SEO itself. And trust me there are days when we are not even able to build a single backlink. Even with the 9 member team. So if you’re going the white hat way, if you’re going with high quality and low quantity. Then, it’s a slow area. But then again the results will be amazing, because once your website gets ranked, you will be getting the free traffic, for all the years to come.


Top 10 SEO tips that you have to keep in mind while building backlinks. 

1. focus on quality, not on quantity. One quality backlink is 100 times powerful than 1,000 low-quality backlinks.
2. focus more on do-follow backlinks and less on no-follow backlinks.
This does not mean that you won’t be building nay no-follow backlinks, because even having100% do-follow backlinks will look shady in the eyes of Google.
3. SEO is not a sprint, rather a marathon. You cannot expect to see results in just a few days, rather, the results will start coming after a few months.
4. don’t just focus on off-page SEO or creating backlinks. You should also your energy on-page SEO.Like writing an SEO-friendly article, internal linking and doing an SEO audit.
5. a relevant article for a low-quality website is more powerful than non-relevant backlinks from a high-authority website.
6. don’t create all your backlinks using the same anchor text. Rather, diversify your anchor texts, throughout your backlinks.
7. don’t buy backlinks from any of these services like or
Instead of helping your website, this shady backlinks will rather give you a penalty from google. Point number
8. I have seen in many YouTube articles who call themselves SEO gurus, they ask their viewers to go to the comment section and make comment backlinks. Trust me guys, they are not worth it. You should never make comment backlinks. First of all, they are no-follow and they will not help your website, at all.
9. if you really want to be good at link-building, you have to invest some money on a good SEO tool. The tool that I recommend and personally use is ahrefs. This tool alone is helping me create backlinks for all my affiliate websites combined.
10. you should also have 20% of your overall backlinks, pointing towards your homepage.

It’s all about looking natural and organic. If you are building all your backlinks to just the articles and not the homepage of your website, this looks shady. So make sure 20% of your backlinks are pointing towards your homepage and the rest 80% are pointing towards the articles. So what are your next steps? Click here if you want to watch our complete our Amazon marketing course, where I show you, how to scale an Amazon affiliate website from $0 - $1,000/month.And click here, if you want to watch our digital marketing mastery course.

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