AMD Ryzen 3200U vs Intel Core i3-8145U. Which one should you buy? Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

AMD Ryzen 3200U vs Intel Core i3-8145U. Which one should you buy?

AMD Ryzen 3200U vs Intel Core i3-8145U

Hey guys how it going Welcome to Allbloggingtip, so in today article we are going to look at the Acer Aspire 5 slim series laptop so this laptop is the best-selling laptop on Amazon right now and in today article I want to actually look at two different configurations of this laptop so the first one is the AMD Rison configuration and this laptop sells for about three hundred fifteen dollars and the second configuration is the Intel configuration so Intel has a bunch of different configurations but one that I want to talk about today is the Core i3 configuration and that one goes for about $360 so we will go over both these configurations of the laptop their performance synthetic benchmarks real-life usage.

At the end of the article, I will give you my opinion on which laptop I think is a better value for money so without further ado let get started ok so before we get into the differences within the AMD configuration of this laptop and the Intel configuration.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Let's first go over the common things which both these laptops share so that chassis for both these laptops is exactly identical so whether you buy an Intel version for $360 or whether you get the AMD version this is the AMD version for$315 you will get exact same chassis and I am very happy with the build quality of this laptop so the lid you know the top of the laptop is aluminum and it has this brushed metal finish it looks really very nice actually makes the laptop look premium than the price that you are paying and the fact of the laptop is polycarbonate or a plastic in simple English and I like the feel of the laptop it feels very solid feels very sturdy there is no you know creak or you know it not like bending or anything and overall.

I think this is a very good build quality and the other thing which I love about this laptop is that it really light so this is really nice because even though it a 15.6inches screen the laptop is so light you can easily put it in your backpack and you can carry it with you so if you re a student or if you are somebody who travels a lot within with the laptop I think you will be very happy with you know the design the weight and overall look and feel of the laptop so one other thing which I like about this laptop is that when you put it on the table and when you open it opens smoothly with one hand so it's perfectly balanced a lot of laptops in the cheaper category when you try to open them you know they tilt.


Okay movingon to the screen of the laptop this is a15.6 inch screen the screen is full HD that means it 1920 by 1080 Presolution and it backlit LED displayso for this price I am very impressedwith the quality of the LCD panel it isa I P s display so the viewing angles are actually pretty good it has somekind of an anti-glare coating it doesn't reflect a lot and also the brightness ofthe screen it over 200 nits which isperfect for indoor use so even if youhave a very bright late classroom orindoor office or anything like that youwill not have any trouble using thislaptop so one more thing that I like about the screen of this laptop is thatbezels are very minimal especially onthe sides the left-hand right hand sideof the laptop has very minimal bezelsthe top and bottom bezels are littlebigger but again for a laptop and $300price category this is very impressiveokay the next thing which I want to talkabout is the keyboard so in my opinionthe keyboard and the trackpad those arethe two very important feature of anylaptop and this is something where withthe budget laptops tend to cut cornersso what Acer has done is very nice andhonestly.

I have not seen this good quality keyboard in a 300 $350 laptop anywhere so this is a backlit keyboard and it really nice the pressure which the keys exult is almost I find it very comfortable because it not mushy keyboard and as far as the trackpad is concerned trackpad is made of plastic it not like a glass trackpad but I felt that the trackpad was very responsive it comes with the Windows 10precision drivers which means your multi-finger gestures are supported and two-finger three fingers crawling and all those things work very nicely okay so these were the common things between the two flavors of the laptop that we were talking about.

AMD Ryzen 3200U vs Intel Core i3-8145U

Now let get to the meat of this article which is basically the difference between the Intel configuration and the AMD configuration so this laptop right here is the AMD configuration this is the AMD R is on processor and the Vega three graphics specifically it the MB Rison 33200U processor whereas the Intel configuration will come with an Intel Core i3 8130U processor so when we look at these two processors the interesting thing is that these two processors are actually very close to each other in terms of the specs both of them the base frequency is very close AMD is running at a little higher base frequency of two-point six gigahertz and the turbo frequency which is the maximum frequency that the CPU will overclock itself that is 3.5 gigahertz for AMD whereas Intelis three point four gigahertz both.

these processors they are two core four thread and both of them have four MB cache so when you look at the specs they look very identical but what about the performance so let look at some synthetic benchmarks to figure out which processor performs better than the others of the first synthetic benchmark that we are going to look is called Cinebenchr15 this is a single core-specific benchmark so it not going to target multi-core or hyperthreading now the performance here is almost neck-to-neck two percent is almost within margin of error okay moving on to the next synthetic benchmark this is the multithread benchmark and it again theCinebench r15 but instead of looking atone code this one is going to take a look at the multi-core and also take into account the hyperthreading both these processors are neck to neck in fact their performance is almost identical.

okay so moving on to another synthetic benchmark this is the geek bench 3 benchmark so first we will look at the single-core performance the Geekbench benchmark also uses the memory the system memory performance of the platform so in this configuration interestingly Intel pulls ahead and itis scores 3,600 points as opposed to the Ryzen which is coarse 3045 so that a15 percent performance boost for Intel and we see something similar in the multi-core synthetic test for the sameGeekbench and as you can see here the intel is scoring seven thousand seventy points as opposed to raisins five nine six zero so that 16 and performance boost so in the geek bench test for both the single thread and multi-thread testing it is clear that Intel is about 15 percent faster than AMD but the million-dollar question is what does that make a difference in the real life you know using the synthetic benchmarks you should not fully rely on these benchmarks when making your purchasing decision based on my personal experience playing with both the flavors of this laptop.

I will say that I did not really feel any different to the performance in my opinion and this is very subjective but I think that both the processors are completely neck-to-neck if we compare the graphics performance between these two configuration theIntel configuration comes with Ultra HD graphics 620 whereas the AMD comes with the Vega 3 graphics and on this synthetic benchmark the Intel graphics is about 25% faster than AMD Vega 3 but I will repeat what I just said which is that you know in real life experience when I was a streaming Netflix 4kcontent when I was playing YouTube 4karticles and also when I played fortnight and some of the other simple casual games I did not see any difference between the Intel and the AMD graphics so it all boils down to price and since the Intel laptop is selling for about$360 whereas the Rison configuration the configuration is going for about three hundred fifteen dollars.

I think it makes more sense that you save your money and go with the AMD configuration so the first bottleneck when it comes to performance is actually not Intel or AMD it actually Microsoft the problem with both these laptops is that they are running something called Windows 10smode and s mode is basically ship mode and the reason I call it shit mode is because it is a highly crippled version of Windows 10 and it puts artificial constraints on the user so the first constraint is that you can only install software which is present in the Windows App Store and there is hardly anything on Windows app store as being like you know parent land so take the example of a browser right if your favorite browser is Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser.

You are out of luck because these browsers are not available Microsoft app store and you will not beable to run those you know browsers onthis laptop so that the biggest problem with Windows the s mode so luckily there is a very simple fix forthis you can exit Windows S mode andit completely free you will not have to pay anything to do that so in order to exit Windows S mode you have to go to Windows Start button and then go to thesettings from there click on update andsecurity and then click on activation sonow you will see the current version ofWindows that your laptop is using now and it will report it as Windows 10 homein s mode so what you want to do is toget rid of this shit mode and in orderto do that you click on the go to storeso when you do that Windows app storewill launch and you will see an optionto switch out of S mode so now what youneed to do is click on the blue getbutton and then click on install andthat it that all you need to do so windows will exit the S mode and it will basically upgrade your laptop to Windows10 Home Edition.

now the second bottleneck with both the configurations the Intel and the MD version is the system RAM both these configurations come with only four gig offer system memory and full gig of system ram is not going to cut it for you in 2019 if you want to run your windows operating systems smoothly and you want to install apps and do the basic things that you do on your computer you will struggle with four gigs of system ram so your laptop will have about one dozen screws on the back of the laptop so you need a Phillips head screwdriver and go ahead and remove all these screws and once you have got rid of all the schools then you need to pry open the back of the laptop and so you can use anything soft so you can use either you know used plastic credit card or maybe a knife a plastic knife and gently pry open the back of the laptop once the back of the laptop comes out you will have access to the system memory so as you can see here.

I opened the back of my laptop and you will see two memory slots one memory slot is already occupied with the four gigs of MemoryStick and the other one is empty so at this point you have multiple options one option is that you upgrade to 16gigabyte of memory and you can do that by purchasing 2 8 gigabyte memory sticks and you know putting the new sticks in the two slots you will have to get rid of the older memory now if you are on a tight budget then you can buy either an 8gigabyte of memory stick or a 4 gigabyte memory stick and you can pair it with the existing memory in your computer soI will throw a link in the description of the compatible memory modules which you can buy from Amazon I have tested all these memory modules and they work both with the Intel or the MD version so if you want the best performance then my recommendation is that you should get the 16 gigabyte memory kit if you are on a budget then you buy either the 8gigabyte memory stick or the 4 gigabyte memory stick.

you pair it with the existing 4 gigabytes of memory you will end up with either a 12 gigabyte ora 8 gigabyte of you know memory in your system which is still good enough and you will have much better performance one another optional upgrade that you can perform is increase the total storage of the laptops so both this configuration andconfigurationAMD and intel both of them come with only 128 gigabytes of storage so as you can see here in the laptop there are 2SSD slots one is an m dot 2 slots which are already occupied with 128 gigabytes of SSD and the other is an empty slot this is a SATA 3 2.5 inch slot where you can you know put additional SSD so if you replace the existing 128 gigabytes of SSD with a new m2 SSD you will have to clone the operating system the other option is that you don t mess with the existing dot 2 SSD and just buy a 2.5 inches SATA3 SSD so that way you can you know to increase the storage using the second SSD slot and you can keep your existing128 gigabyte SSD.

so I will recommend this update to anybody who wants to use their laptop for multimedia you know like say article editing you have a DSLR camera or if you have an article camera and you want to record articles then you will need more storage and 128 gigabytes is not going to cut it so this is an optional thing and if you are interested check out the link below I have links to both MDOT to SSTand also the SATA SSD, okay so these upgrades you are going to get a very good performance from their laptops in my case I have AMD rise in configuration and what I did was I added16 gigabyte of system ram and I added extra SSDs to increase the storage and after doing those two upgrades I am very happy with the performance at my laptop is giving me and I am actually doing some heavy lifting on this laptop I have done 4k article editing.

I run Photoshop I have done some programming intense applications which require a lot of CPU cycles and also memory anything that has thrown at this laptop it has handled it with ease so I am very impressed with the performance so to summarize here is what I will say it does t matter whether you go with the intel version or the AMD version both keep the same performance so it really up to you if you want to save some money with the AMD version because it around three hundred fifteen dollars and if you are more comfortable buying an Intel product then go with you know360 dollar version but the real performance boost will come when you upgrade the system RAM and when you exit the Windows 10 s hit mode right the s mode so that will not cost you anything exciting the S mode is free system.

RAM is obviously going to cost you some money so based on your budget you can pick one of the three options that are given you and like I mentioned.

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